Production facilities

The storage capacity is 27,000HL, divided between two cold rooms, autoclaves and tanks such as “always full”. The filtering now occur only with type filters “tangenziali”.

The bottling line consists of machines with high versatility and automation that allow, changing only some components, to pack still wines, whites and reds, sparkling wines and drinks very quickly and the cold microfiltration has now replaced for years the most traditional pasteurization thereby increasing the quality of products.

The company bottles sizes ranging from capacity of 0,200 litres to 2 litres.

The types of closure used are the cork and the plastic cap, still or sparkling, the screw cap and the cap crown.

Labels can be applied in the more traditional type with glue or in self-adhesive way.

The cartons used are of 6, 12, 18, 24 pieces with the capacity of the bottle.

The bottling line has a capacity of 6,000 bottles per hour with a nominal duty of 8 hours for 5 days per week, 4 weeks and monthly result in these figures:

– Daily production: 40,000 bottles
– Production of 240,000 bottles per week
– Monthly production 960,000 bottles

In the future are also plans for further investment, including investment in infrastructure, to continue that renewal business that always characterizes us.