Our winery was born as a farm early ‘900, when the founder Boido Sesto, grandfather of the owner, bought a small farm in a hilly area where the screw “always” has found its natural habitat.

The ground being formed of white marl rich in calcium in the midst of mudflats and sand of varying nature is particularly suited to Muscat, which is perfectly at ease being at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level.

Then He planted the first vineyard of Muscat of Asti in the side most exposed to half days getting a magnificent product that was appreciated by customers as more and more numerous.

The company was then enlarged by his son Giovanni who started to expand the turnover from small neighbours going to Milan, Turin, Genoa, which were the largest cities reachable by train, and even in Switzerland, where the Muscat was particularly sought after and sold in small barrels of 200 litres.

Since 1960, his nephew, Vittorio Boido, gave a considerable boost to development of the company by expanding the store and technological renovation began that continues today with his son Stefano and his wife Rosanna.

In addition to producing wines under its own brand, the Boido Srl is characterized by a fundamental constituent of work under contract with third parties, so the company has acquired significant experience in working and bottle wines from all parts of Italy and intended to national and international markets, among them the most important are the U.S., Japan, Brazil and Russia.